Listing Vote #268 – Adappter Token (ADP) – Vote for ADP, Win 453,100 ADP Free Airdrop

Listing Vote program is one of the listing campaigns on Users are encouraged to vote with their GT holdings and can determine whether to list a project or not. If the voting succeeds, the project will be listed on and the voters will receive free airdrops. If not, the voted GT will be refunded and? no fee will be charged. This event aims to attract more high-quality projects to get listed and bring more free airdrop benefits to our users.

How to join Listing Vote:
Every KYC participant can vote with his GT for the project to win free airdrops.
Details are as follows:

1. Voting Period: 2022-02-15 04:00 to 2022-02-16 02:00 AM UTC.
2. Estimated Listing: 2022-02-16 04:00 AM UTC.
3. Voting Token: GT;
4. Voting Link:
5. Trading Pair: ADP/USDT; ADP/ETH;
6. Reward Pool: 251,720 ADP (about $10,000);
7. Listing Requirement: The project receives at least 10 million votes.
8. Rules: The user’s votes will be calculated based on the average 14-day GT holding within two hours after the listing vote. Thus, please don’t make any changes to your GT holding before the counting of the votes.
9. Rewards: After the project receives 10 million votes, the voting campaign succeeds and all voters are able to receive free airdrops in proportion to the number of their votes.

Meanwhile, to celebrate this listing vote, the deposit and new users campaigns are held with a total of 201,380 ADP (about $8,000) special rewards for participants!
Period: 2022-02-15 04:00 to 2022-02-22 04:00 AM UTC
Register for the deposit and new user campaign:
* Please remember to submit your UID in the FORM above to win the rewards.

Activity 1: First 600 Deposit users to Share 75,520 ADP ($3,000) Airdrop
The first 600 users to deposit will share 75,520 ADP. First come, first served!
*You need to deposit at least 10,070 ADP.

Activity 2: New User Airdrop, 50,345 ADP ($2,000) to be Won
New users who register for a account, complete KYC verification and make any amount of valid trades can receive 250 ADP.
*A total of 50,345 ADP, first come, first served.

Activity 3: Invite Friends, Win 50,345 ADP ($2,000) Mega Reward
Users who invite friends to register for a account, complete KYC verification and make any amount of valid trades can receive 250 ADP for each invitee.
* A total of 50,345 ADP, first come, first served.

Activity 4: 25,170 ADP ($1,000) for Twitter Giveaway
1. Period: From now to 2022-02-22 04:00 AM UTC
2. Requirement: Complete forwarding and following tasks
3. Rewards: 30 lucky users get 839 ADP.
4. Participate:

Project Introduction
(1) Brief Introduction
Adappter creates ‘the Pleasant World’ connected by a Blockchain where users, partners, and everyone together improve value based on the spirit of fairness, sharing, and trust.Every moment you enjoy in the Adappter eco is converted into value and rewarded to all users in it.
(2) Project Info
(This information is provided by the project team. Strictly for references only.)
Project Name: Adappter Token (ADP)
Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 ADP
Official Website:

1) No registration requirement for the voting campaign, but to join the deposit and new users campaigns, please do remember to fill out the registration form. KYC is required to receive the rewards.
2) The Sub-Accounts and a Master Account will be treated as the same account when participating in the activities.
3) The reward will be distributed to your account within 7 working days after the end of the event. Please check the reward via “My Funds”—-”Bill”.
4) Any cheating acts are prohibited, or the reward will be invalid. reserves the final right to interpret this activity.

Risk Warning:
Users must be aware of the fact that currency tradings are affected by many factors, such as: the market, policies, and price fluctuations. It is difficult to predict the market, so users are strongly recommended to understand all the related information and be vigilant in regards to your investment actions. Team
Feb 14th, 2021

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